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Use the following information to contact your Sunfresh Food Service representative directly.  All emails are


Jarett Catanzaro
President/Coordinator/Sales Manager
Email: jarett.catanzaro

Chuck Braun
Operation Manager
Email: c.w.braunsr

Rick Matiasic
Director of Operations
Email: richard.matiasic

Email Us


Tim O’Brien
Email: timothy.obrien
Cell: 412.403.6737

John Miceli
Email: john.miceli
Cell: 412.398.0098

James Badali
Email: james.badali
Cell 412.721.5008

Jay Miller (Wine Sales Only)

Email: jay.miller

Cell: 412.303.2053


Leanne Govan
Accounts Payable/Customer Service
Email: leanne.govan

Kim Morgan
Accounts Receivable/Customer Service
Email: kim.morgan

Mick Byrnes
Customer Service
Email: mick.byrnes


Sunfresh Food Services, Inc
116 23rd Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222
United States

Phone: 412-391-7532
Fax: 412-391-7995

116 23rd Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Tel: 412-391-7532

Fax: 412-391-7995

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