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       Products available September until sold out!




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Whether you’re a first time wine maker or a production winery needing large volumes of grapes or juice, we have the experience and knowledge to accommodate your needs.  Perhaps best of all, the entire ordering process can be completed online. You can shop from the comfort of your own home and set a pick-up date that is convenient for you. In addition to high quality ingredients, Sunfresh Food Service provides other durable and affordable wine making supplies and equipment. From closures and containers to sanitizing and stabilizing chemicals, we have practically everything you need to start and maintain your wine making operation.

Outside of wine circles, it is a little known fact that Pittsburgh is a main hub for both grape and grape juice purchases. Novices looking to experiment and improve their at-home wine making skills and owners of small wineries alike flock to the area to purchase all the ingredients and equipment they need to produce delicious wines that are served at both restaurants and family occasions. Sunfresh Food Service is proud to be a part of this tradition and offer the finest selection of grapes and juices from around the world, as well as, other affordable wine making supplies that are key to production.


Sunfresh Food Service is now using its 38 years of experience as a wholesale food distributor

to serve the local and national wine making communities.

. We work with the absolute best growers from around the world to purchase and import the highest quality grapes and grape juices.


Whether you are purchasing your first kit or expanding to accommodate higher production, we have the equipment and supplies you need. While there are certainly other suppliers in the area, no one offers better prices on reliable equipment and quality supplies. You can get the best without ever having to worry that you are overpaying. Partnering with Sunfresh Food Service means working with a family owned and operated company that has been working to serve the Pittsburgh area community for decades.


We take pride in providing high quality products and services that help enrich those around us.


Supporting local farmers and creating jobs are at the heart of what we do. In fact, we are confident that you will notice the difference that comes from working with a company who always puts the customer first.

From our family to yours, we look forward to bringing you the best wine products and ingredients right to your door!

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This is not a complete inventory of all products,

but serves as a preview of many of our wine and brewing products. 

Please contact Jay for more information.

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